Friday, March 19, 2010


What went well in your teaching?
Based on what you learned as an instructor, what changes would you make next time?

Based on what I learned I would probably move at a little bit slower pace. I would also go into more detail with young students but because Ellie already knew how to complete the task it made the teaching much easier. I think that I would also probably make sure that the students were provided with a pre-made PowerPoint that had picture boxes because that makes the task much easier.
I don't think that I would ask students to make a powerpoint that wasn't already set up because that would require extensive computer knowledge that 3rd graders wouldn't necessarily have.
I think that I would also perform the task myself before I would have the students try because then they would have already seen me preform the task.

Friday, March 5, 2010

LifeSaver Lesson

Based on your learning experience in the lifesaver lesson, describe the attributes of inquiry learning.

Inquiry learning is a hands on experience that makes gets students more excited and gives them a chance to explore their own ideas. I think that the lesson showed us that inquiry learning really revolves around the students and the ideas and questions that they come up with for the most part. Inquiry learning is a chance for students to go into detail about something within the lesson that really excites and/or interests them. I think that inquiry learning is very important for students because it shows them that learning can be engaging and exciting.