Friday, October 21, 2011

Sorry I have neglected my blog...

I haven't written in forever! Teaching is exhausting and there isn't much time to write. So I have a list of the things that have been happening in hopes of shortening this post, so I can go bake some cookies.

1) Today I was told that my hair looks like Rapunzel. My hair is really not that long-it's blonde but seriously Rapunzel?! I guess I have to look at it from a 5 year olds view... Just makes me think that I need to cut my hair more-or change my halloween costume :)

2) We went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday. I wish I would have had more adults go with us. But we survived and didn't forget anyone. And everyone came home with a pumpkin.

3) I let my students vote on what I should be for Halloween. I gave them choices: witch, princess, tennis ball, teacher, cat. They chose Witch. We get to do all sorts of stuff for Halloween at our school-including parties, kids wearing costumes at school and we are going to have a whole school activity race. Should be very fun! I am planning to go all out in my room-just because I can. Oh and my sister is going to help with the party-she is going to be the black cat :)

4) I survived conference week. And actually had my last one tonight. Conference week is the longest week with the shortest days! ugh. I was EXHAUSTED! But I was glad I got to talk to all of those parents.

Other things going on here in my little world:
Tomorrow is the WSU vs. OSU game and I can't wait to go!

It's raining here-I actually don't mind it because that means soup, warm cookies and being cozy on the couch with a movie.

Speaking of movies: I definitely suggest Footloose-it's a very good remake.

I got to watch the home team win a volleyball game last night!