Tuesday, April 19, 2011

just about cried on the spot.

So I am stepping out of my classroom and letting my fabulous mentor take back over. But this afternoon, after being out of the classroom the majority of the day I came back in for the last hour. One little super bee (Cotton Candy-don't remember if I mentioned her before) came up to me and gave me a big hug. When she let go she looked at me with the saddest eyes and said, "Miss B------, I don't want you to leave." It was so so sad I almost cried right there on the spot. I am going to miss all those little super bee smiles every morning! Next Thursday will be bitter sweet...

The picture is none of the super bees, just a random one from online.

Monday, April 18, 2011

nearing the end...

I can't believe that I am almost finished with my student teaching! It has been such a great experience. I am going to miss my little super bees so much!
This week was supposed to be just me going out and observing and doing very little teaching but with other circumstances I am actually teaching 3 days this week.
The students are thoroughly confused. Today in reading one of the kids asked where A.M. was and I told him. An he made that face that says, "but you said...I am so confused." We told them that I wasn't going to teach reading anymore and then I teach it today. And they will probably be even more confused tomorrow when I am not in the room at all... oh goodness. I am going to miss them all so much!

Question: Does your elementary school have a track?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am giving teaching responsibilities back over to my mentor teacher since I only have 10 more days left with the super bees. So today as my fabulous mentor was teaching a spelling lesson and I was correcting papers in the back of the room we were just going about our business. When I hear "FOREST GREEN JUST PUKED!!!!" From about 5 different little voices. I look up and sure enough it's all over the floor, him an his desk. We get the bucket to him and he promptly pukes right next to it, of course. We got him down to the office, and to the nurse to head for home. (we are still missing our recycle bin while it gets sanitized). I then got the task of keeping the kids away from the vomit and helping to clean it up as that is the one thing that my fabulous mentor just can't do without joining the little one in the nurses office. Lets just say that EVERy students desk has been bleached as well as the door knobs and drinking fountain and everything else I could get to.
After this we knew there was no more focusing the kids on anything so we had some choosing time at which point FM turned on some music. Automatically the girls all started dancing and singing along to the very popular song. It was HILARIOUS! They were so into it! And they recognized each new song before FM or I could. I think my favorite was when I was cleaning desks and heard "Lay Gaga, Lady Gaga!!!" they were so excited!

oh and I got to deal with boogers today too.

Friday, April 1, 2011

been a while...

April Fools in first grade.
To begin the day the teachers decided we would play a joke on the kids. The first grade teachers switched places with the second grade teachers for the first ten minutes of the day. The second graders we were working with didn't fall for it one bit. Our first graders totally believed that the second grade teacher was going to teach them all day. I think they were thoroughly confused. It was fun for us anyway. But as it was the day before spring break and April fools the day was INSANE. I don't know how many times I was told that my shoe was untied. But I can tell you it was driving me NUTS because my shoes didn't even have ties. Then we had our pre-planned joke. We have been telling the kids all week that we were going to make them brownies. Well we came in today with a pan full of Brown- E's. I thought it was pretty clever, and of course there were real brownies to eat too (we aren't that mean).

I am almost done with my student teaching! I am done on the 29th and this week is spring break for us. So I really only have 3 weeks left in the classroom. It is so exciting but I will miss those little first graders that give the perfect random hug. I do have to say though that it will be very nice to be getting paid for teaching once I can sub. So excited for the next part of my life!