Monday, January 31, 2011

fire drills and math lessons

I have been teaching the math lessons on a daily basis. Today's lesson was going great I was working with the kids and my awesome mentor was pulling kids in pairs to paint their whales in the hall. Until the great principal came and told AM (awesome mentor) that she needed to come and run a fire drill. As I have never even been at the school during one AM came in and explained the drill to me before she went to the office to run it.
Let me tell you that is the absolute most ANNOYING LOUD fire alarm I have EVER heard! I have heard a lot of different ones and that one is by far the worst. The students cooperated much better than I expected but it definitely could have gone better.
After the drill we had a talk about what we could have done better. The only thing the kids were worried about was why they have to turn their backs to the school while we wait in the field.
Hopefully I won't have to go through another one of these drills anytime soon. But if we do I know I will be ready.
And it's only Monday...

Also: Last week was my birthday. On Friday we had a very fun day. In the morning I was sent to a different classroom so that the students could complete their surprise for me. After lunch we had a little party. My AM brought in Popsicles, I "jumped" into 22, they sang the birthday song, we had choosing time and I got some fantastic cards. It was definitely a birthday to remember.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

this week.

Ok first thing I have a short list of things that I remember from the week that made me smile:
1) Little girl accidentally called me mom. Been waiting for that to happen. It was adorable though because she thought it was so funny.
2) Little girl ran up to me Tuesday and completely randomly gave me a big hug.
3) First graders trying to keep a secret. So adorable.
4) how excited the kids are about my birthday.

On to other things. Taught all day tuesday while sick had a great lesson observed. Taught the majority of the day today. Went good. Kids were fantastic this morning and stinkers this afternoon, thank goodness for double specialists.

My birthday is tomorrow... I am pretty positive that my first graders are more excited about it than I am. They are hilarious. I lost count of how many times I was told, "Don't look in my desk" or "Don't look in my cubby" or "Don't look in my pencil box!"
Can't wait to find out what they are trying their hardest to keep a secret. I will keep you updated :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Authentic teaching experience

Woke up this morning feeling yucky. But I took the cold medicine and blew my nose and went to school. I had an observed lesson with my supervisor and didn't want to reschedule.
Well I got there and ended up teaching the WHOLE day so my mentor could go help with all school testing.

My observed lesson went great! The rest of the day went well too.

I think this is one of many days in my future where I will teach while sick rather than write those sub plans. At least now I know I can do it and the students were respectful of the fact that I was losing my voice on and off. They did a fantastic job during my observed lesson, I was so impressed.

And to make the day better I got a compliment on my classroom management from another staff member this morning!

Monday, January 10, 2011

first full week of student teaching

So the week started out a little crazy. Got a call from my Fabulous mentor on sunday night saying that she wouldn't be there. So I got to teach ALL day on Monday! There was a sub there but as there were no real sub plans just what I had been told she just let me teach all day long. It was FANTASTIC!
The rest of the week was pretty good. Kids were getting used to the schedule again.
On thursday we got a new student. Lets just say that he will be an interesting case.

Friday was a good day. I taught the first hour of the day. At the very end of that hour however one of the super bees decided to pull out his tooth while we were all sitting in the carpet area. GROSS! Then later in the day another little super bee pulled hers out too! I can deal with a lot of nasty things but kids walking around all day with a kleenex in their mouth trying to pull out their tooth is NASTY! Not only is all of the blood gross but they have their dirty hands in their mouth too...then they try to hold me hand. yuck! Lets hope that all of the loose teeth fell out over the weekend.