Friday, February 12, 2010


From the learner perspective, how did the lesson activities support your achievement of the task?

With all of the different activities and steps involved in this lesson it really required you to take a closer look at the problem. I think that having all of these steps was time consuming but I also think it was valuable. I do however think that one or two of the steps could have been shortened or left out in some cases. I think in some cases different activities would have better suited some learners while the activities we did could have helped others. I really think that it is important to know the students and what resources they need to succeed.

How did technology help you modify the files to meet your needs as a learner?
By using technology we were able to make our proposal into a slideshow to present to the administration. We were able to make the information easy to understand and easy to share. This also gave us the opportunity to share the proposal with multiple people at multiple times.

Friday, February 5, 2010


How do you envision discovery learning as part of your teaching and curriculum?

I think that discovery learning is a very important part of education because it allows the students to be creative while still learning new information. I would use discovery learning a little differently in my classroom than we did in class because I plan on teaching the younger elementary grades. I think that it is important that students get the chance to really get creative with their work and giving them a somewhat open prompt is a good way of allowing this. I think that it is also important to give structure though. I think that giving the opportunity for discovery learning is important but leaving the children the free range that we were given would be quite chaotic. I think that doing something more like a web quest might be a better way to allow for the creativity with younger students so as to keep some control of the situation.
With all of the requirements in the educational system it is difficult to give the students all of the creative time that I was given as I grew up but I think that with the use of the internet and books you could easily give a good structured assignment using a webquest.