Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another long week.

At 7:45 I asked if it would be ridiculous for me to go to bed... I'm exhausted. That's it. Just plain exhausted.
Been a good week so far. My reading I block underwent a complete overhaul- and I am very happy with it. Here are a couple pictures of things that happened today.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trying to keep up with resolutions...

So I made a resolution to blog more. Because as 2012 came to a close I just plain stopped. Not just writing on my blog but reading other blogs. And well...I missed everyone! I spent part of my morning today reading up on some of my favorites. I have also been doing my lesson plans for the week.
So I am teaching 1st grade this year. I have been doing spelling tests... I have decided to change it up a bit. So I have a plan in my head. But I have a question for you.
I have seen it many ways and I know how I want to try it but I am always looking for ideas.

We started science this week. Foss kit: Solids and Liquids. I have never taught this one before. The kids are so excited that we get to do science! (felt like a bad teacher that we hadn't done any earlier in the year) So I am also looking for anything that you may do to supplement this unit... there are activities but do you have anything super fun and engaging to help with the learning. I am thinking we will be making ice cream in baggies to (liquid-->solid) and make sundaes on Feb. 13th for Valentines since we get a long weekend and don't have school on the 14th :)

In math we were doing subtraction that either subtracted a 0 or resulted in 0. I was helping a little one and I told her, "After you understand this you will be so excited." Well she completed about 4 problems, looked up at me and said, "MY MIND IS BLOWN!" I just started laughing. That was one time where I couldn't hold it in. SO funny!

I really need to go make the worksheets I need for the week...lesson plans are complete though--except for reading groups. Now need to make the materials. TPT here I come :)

We are starting a Penguin unit. I am so excited! I love teaching about Penguins!

Have a fabulous week! I think for now I will try to post 1 time a week. Then work my way up to 2 or 3 posts a week. Baby steps!

Oh and speaking of babies I know 5 people having babies this year! 3 have found out the gender and all 3 are boys! I love babies and boy things are cute. But I'm ready to buy some pink :) The other 2 find out in the next couple weeks...fingers crossed for at least a little pink.

Have a FABULOUS week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

it's been a long time

Warning: this post will be very random.

So it has been far too long since I posted last. Last I posted I had just started school. Well I still love my job! I definitely have some challenging students but I love them all.
Since Sept. 6th: I made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas oh and conferences!

I thought that with cutting out 2 hours of driving I would have so much more time but instead I have found other things that have been occupying my time.

I lost my grandma on Sept. 28th. We knew it would happen eventually but we definitely were not prepared for it to happen then. I miss her everyday. Especially on those days when I have a teaching success or have a funny story to share or have a teaching question. She was a teacher as well and always enjoyed the stories and giving me advice.

This morning as I was folding towels (strange time to start thinking about this) it just hit me how happy and blessed I am to live where I do and have so many wonderful people in my life. I have so many wonderful friends and such an amazing family who are always there to support me. I am one lucky person!

In 2013 I have a few resolutions:
~Be more organized at school and at home.
~Write down one good thing that happens each day.
~Actually try things that I pin on pinterest. (Already completed 2 things!)
~Blog more.
~Play more tennis.