Thursday, May 31, 2012

since I have some time today...

First I would like to thank my students for giving me an early end of the year gift-it comes with kleenex and cold medicine. Yup they gave me the cold that has been going around despite hand washing, hand sanitizer, vitamin c etc. I started to feel icky Sunday. Went to school on Tuesday. Went to school yesterday until I went to the nurse at lunch-took my temp-started calling for a sub. 1 hour later they had found me one and I got to come home. Decided that I didn't want to do the whole lunch search again today so I stayed home from the beginning.
I will be going to school tomorrow though because its Daddy Doughnut day! And because I left my classroom in complete end of the year/trying to organize/mess chaos.

So today I have spent the day worrying about the kids and reading hilarious updates on the classroom activities that I get via text from my classroom para. To start the morning she sent me one that said, "B just told the sub he is creepy!" I laughed out loud at that one. Hilarious! Guess kiddos react differently when they go from having a 20 something woman teacher to a (probably) 60 something male teacher.

I had so much I needed to do today! Yikes! I have fathers day gifts to complete and laminate, testing to do, cleaning/organizing/inventorying to get started. It will have to wait until tomorrow...

I only have 7.5 more days of school! YIKES! It seems like there is so much more to do before then. We have a field trip next week. Kindergarten does a themed day each day of the last full week. Monday is Pajama/movie/popcorn day, Tuesday is Wacky/Summer birthday day, wednesday=fieldtrip to the beach, Thursday is character dress up day and friday is park/library or field day.

After reading blogs for most of the day today I have one question. How do you all have your classrooms all packed up and DONE on the last day?! It is going to take me several days to finish after the last day! And the inventory is a whole different story. I do plan on having the kids continue to help me out-but a 5 year old can only be so helpful.

Anyway. Sorry for all the rambling. I hope to post some pictures soon. I swear I have been taking them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am a big time blogging bum.

I have not blogged for real in what seems like forever. I just don't seem to have ANY extra time. I'm going crazy.

So much has happened!
First: I only have 12.5 more days. I am very jealous of all of you who are done this week. My kids brains have checked out already for sure and I'm very close to losing my mind.

Second: I got class pets. Yes I did. We are now the proud owner of two hermit crabs. The students named them Poptart and Spiderman. I may have rigged their voting after they came up with the list of names. I just couldn't have crabs named Money and Crystal-call me whatever you would like I couldn't deal with that.

Third: I learned that the BEST way to get my students to be still and quiet is to tell them to lay on their stomachs in a circle and put the crabs in the middle. If the kids move or get loud the crabs don't come out. Works like a charm every time! I love it!

Fourth: The words "end of the year checklist" are terrible. They include stress, loss of sleep and many extra hours.

Fifth: I got student 25. ugh. That is TOO many! 

I have been keeping up on blogs just not writing. I read them on my phone now-FANTASTIC! But it's harder to write posts on there.

I hope to have some news to share with you all in the next month. But for now I just have to make you wait-mostly because I don't really have the information yet. All  I can say is that my fingers and toes are crossed.

In packing up my stuff (which I started today) I am VERY excited to try a new method of organization. I just hope it works for me.

Enjoy these last days of school. I have a feeling that on that last day my car ride home will make it necessary for me to wear sunglasses the rest of the day.

Have a great 3 day weekend all of you who are still in school!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Short and sweet

Life has been nuts. A school is crazy and so are my kids!! We are learning all about the ocean and it's creatures. As part of this we are getting hermit crabs. We don't get out of school until June 12 so we will still have time to enjoy them. I am taking friday off to go to a tennis coaching class. This should be fun but a bit redundant as I have already coached high school tennis. Oh well. I hope to write a longer post tomorrow. From my computer instead of my Phone. Hope you are having a great first week of may! Happy may day!