Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sick. again.

being sick is the worst. I want to spend my days in first grade world, not on the couch feeling crummy. Don't know what I have but I do know that strep throat is going around: fabulous mentor had it 2 weeks ago, principal had it last week and we have a student out with it now... I really hope thats not what this is.
This week is Dentist/tooth week in our classroom. Just in time for them to come now that none of our students have any teeth! Seriously. We got a new little girl yesterday and we were talking about her teeth (she is missing 6 of them!) and mom actually said, "She can at least eat better now."
Our room is losing so many teeth that we keep filling and overfilling our tooth chart. It's nuts!

On to other news: I finished my humongous lesson plans and passed all portions! FANTASTIC! Now I can just focus on my teaching. It is lovely. My lesson plans went from 10 pages per 45 minutes to two pages per week. Love it!

The worst part of being home sick: DAYTIME TV. It is now time to use that free ondemand button.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Need to blog about the last 2 weeks or so but that is going to wait.

Just been thinking today. Wishing my Grandma was there to come and help in my classroom tomorrow.

Here's to a day with a movie and a party tomorrow.