Sunday, September 25, 2011

A to Z about Me

So I know I posted twice yesterday but what can I say it's a blogging couple of days!
So here is an A to Z about me.

A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: queen.
C. Chore that you hate: cleaning the toilet.
D. Dogs: Napili. 1 year old lab/retriever mix. She is ADORABLE. (but I might be a bit biased)
E. Essential start to your day: music.
F. Favorite color: Cerulean
G. Gold or Silver: silver
H. Height: 5'5 1/2"
I. Instruments you play: I have played the flute and the french horn.
J. Job title: Kindergarten Teacher! (I have waited about 17 years to get to say this!)
K. Kids: None. Those are in the future.
L. Live: Washington.
M. Mother’s name: Michelle
N. Nicknames: Al, Ally, Sand, Eece, looby lou, and many many others.
O. Overnight hospital stays: NONE! Except to stay with my Grandpa when he had his hip replaced.
P. Pet peeves: hmmm... people who don't go a consistent speed while driving.
Q. Quote from a movie: When love feels like magic, you call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, you call it serendipity. (Serendipity-LOVE this movie!)
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: two younger sisters.
U. Underwear: yes I wear them. But really?! Couldn't it be "Unusual fact?"
V. Vegetable you hate: cauliflower.
W. What makes you run late: when elk or deer cross the road in front of me. (but I try my best to be on time)
X. X-Rays you’ve had: NONE!
Y. Yummy food that you make: I bake. Harvey Wallbanger cake!
Z. Zoo animal: Elephants!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A visitor in Room 7!

We had a VERY busy week in kindergarten. We talked about our letters and we geared up all week for our Thursday afternoon visitor. ( Mentioned this here)

Well the visitor was my grandpa and his wife. It was great fun having them come and the kids LOVED it too! My grandpa read them Ferdinand The Bull-and they LOVED it!

I then told them that they could ask questions if they wanted to. But the rule was that only one person could talk at a time because otherwise Grandpa’s hearing aids would turn off (which is actually partially true). They were pretty good about it-except they are still learning the difference between asking a question and telling a story. So the first little one raises her hand to “ask a question”-she said, “I have a dog named Gigi!” then everyone wanted to talk about their pets. Then my grandma says, “Did you know that Miss Bruncke has a dog?” oh goodness-at this point all control of talking was G.O.N.E. So I stepped in and my grandpa decided that it was time for him to leave-he said goodbye and the hugging started—and continued for the next 5 minutes. Thankfully they didn’t knock the grandparents over like they did to the music teacher last week!

After the kids got back from recess we made thank you notes. They were adorable-the kids liked the sweetest things. And my grandparents LOVED getting the cards. My grandpa is already looking forward to coming back and reading another story. I can’t wait! Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment-from story time and Math stations (does anyone else use Bridges?)

Versatile Blogger Award!

So I am going to have to post twice tonight because I got my first blogging award! I got a versatile blogger award from Nicole over at THE KINDER KID! Thanks Nicole!
So with this award I have some instructions

Now for the rules of this award:

1. Thank the person/people that nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 other blogs that you have discovered

So for #1: Nicole, THANK YOU! I was so excited to see your comment and to see my blog somewhere. It makes me happy that other people are reading what I am writing-and enjoying the stories. So THANK YOU again!

Thing 1) I have known since I was in the first grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I went home from school-at the beginning of the year- and said to my mom, “I want to be a teacher like Mrs. Bell!” and I NEVER wavered from this because whenever I would think I could do something else I would find something wrong with the profession.

Thing 2) I live 55 minutes from my school. Everyday someone asks me “are you tired of the drive yet?” and I always tell them no. I actually enjoy the drive because it gives me a chance to wake up in the morning and a chance to wind down in the afternoon. So I spend nearly 2 hours a day in the car with the radio on…singing…VERY poorly. I will say that I wouldn’t mind having a person to carpool with some days.

Thing 3) (I am bad about talking about myself) When I get stressed or I’m having a bad day I bake. I don’t normally eat the things I bake though… strange I know. It’s the actual baking process that helps me to relax though. Just knowing that I can make something and have it turn out the way I want it to-something that I have complete control over.

Thing 4) I have a group of friends (there are 7 of us) from jr/hs and before. We call ourselves the “posse” a nickname we acquired in HS. Our lives have led us in all different directions but we still “talk” all the time. Having their support through everything means the world to me.

Thing 5) I have a dog. Her name is Napili-and she is ADORABLE. But the place I am renting now doesn’t allow pets-which is one of it’s very few downfalls (we have an ocean view after all). But I miss her terribly- even though she is only 15 minutes away.

Thing 6) I am a vegetarian. Have been for about 8ish years. I never really ate meat all that often growing up. But it’s not because of the sweet fluffy bunnies or anything like that. I just never really enjoyed the texture. But I have been thinking about trying to reintroduce at least some meat into my diet…But that is not an easy task when your body is not used to having meat in it’s system…it will take a while.
Thing 7) I LOVE TEACHING! I am in my first year and I am teaching Kindergarten. I have 24 students all day-meaning 8:30-3:10. Which is a very long day for a 5 year old-I mean it’s a long day for me so I can’t imagine how long it seems to them. I am teaching in a TINY district. We have two buildings-the elementary school and the jr/sr high school which also houses the district office. And the buildings are right across the street from each other. My kids even go across the street to eat lunch each day.

Now for rule number 3. 15 blogs I have found-these are the ones that I love/read/stalk consistently.

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Organized Chaos-This was actually the first blog that I followed!

Castles and Crayons
Castles and Crayons

A Teeny Tiny Teacher-I just love reading her blog!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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The Dream Teacher-I found this blog after reading “Finding Mrs. Warnecke” if you haven’t read it yet- It’s definitely a MUST read!

So there are 15 of the blogs that I enjoy reading! Hope you enjoy them too!

Thanks again Nicole!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tomorrow...we have a guest!

So my kids have been guessing all week about who is coming to visit tomorrow. I have been reading books all about family and grandparents. One student actually guessed the correct person today but she doesn't know that :) I will have to take a picture of the guess chart we have been working on. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed making their guesses. If you are looking for some great books about grandparents here is a list: "Now one Foot, Now the other"-- "Great Friends my Grandpa and Me"--"Grandpa and Me" (little critter)--"Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs"

No funny stories today but we made it through the half day and I got time this afternoon to work on reorganizing myself.

On other news: I LOVE FALL TV PREMIER WEEK! Glee last night was awesome! CSI tonight and many others coming up too. Grey's Anatomy!

I will try to post some pictures and a story about tomorrow when I get home!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kindergarten-when you say exactly what you are thinking

We had a very busy week in Kindergarten. Everyone was exhausted-one even fell asleep sitting up on the rug on Thursday afternoon and continued to sleep for the next 45 minutes. But the story I want to share happened after school on Friday with a little one who was late to be picked up.
We were sitting in the office.(students names on this blog are changed to crayola colors)
Me:"Red I need to go home."
Red:"Do you need to make dinner?"
R: "How many kids to you have?"
Me: "I don't have any kids."
R: "Well you need to get married then!"
Me: "R I think that will have to wait a little while"
R: "Well you could have your wedding....(she thinks) when we don't have any school." (I think she meant this weekend because we had just discussed in class that we don't have any school on Saturday or Sunday)

Needless to say I walked out of the office laughing after she told me I should have corn, peas and chili with Milk to drink ("Milk is good for you!") for dinner.

Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to say exactly what you think all the time like a 5 year old does. They are so funny!

I now need to spend a few hours getting ready for next week...I have most of it planned just need to get the papers ready to copy and such.

My Grandpa is going to come and read my kids a story on Thursday! I think I might make them guess all week who is going to be coming to see them. I will give hints with the stories that I read to them...this should be fun!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 2 is almost over!

Kindergarten is getting better. I have now sent the same child to the office twice-but today she had a GREAT day! We decided on a smily face system throughout the day and she totally bought it thank goodness. (Throwing a book at my face was the last straw yesterday)

Only one little one still cries nearly all day which is great. Working on stopping those tears.

We have been working on friendship skills as well as keeping our hands to ourselves, walking in line, saying nice things, walking in the halls, cleaning up on our own, and all of those other little things that make life easier for the teacher. Oh and we now know how to close our glue sticks! (click!)

I hope everyones year is going great! Tomorrow is Friday and I need this weekend to recover-and maybe to bake too.

Not sure how much sleep I will actually get since the Rod Run to the End of the World happens to be in my town-two streets over. They are bringing in about a ton of extra officers...that is how many people come to town + all of their fancy cars. YIKES!

(Rookie Blue season finale tonight...)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I survived.

A short list because I need to sleep.
1. 3 little ones crying (for the majority of the day)
2. sent one home after her afternoon recess where she made the poor choice of shoving a pebble in her ear.
3. 8:30-3:10 is far too long for 5 year olds.
4. We had an extra recess at the end of the day because they couldn't focus anymore.
5. Back to it tomorrow. Hoping the ask if they can have nap time again-I just might say yes.