Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom tour!!

Linking up with blog Hoppin for their classroom tours linky today.
 Once again a day late and a picture short but I did get it up! I love looking into everyone elses worlds!
I currently have 24 students on my roster for the year. I had 25 last time I was in K. Hoping to have less than 9 behavior students this year though!
So since I have kindergarten screening this week my goal was to have my classroom all done and I almost completely succeeded. I have a few small things to do but it is a huge relief to see the end of the tunnel. I stuck with the Seuss theme again this year and I am so glad that I did! So without further ado here are the pictures of my classroom. I will post update once I get the last bookcase in at the end of the week.

House Keeping Center

Wall behind small group table

Birthday board. Still trying to decide what to put the students name and birth date on to stick on each hat

Entry board. The page protectors I hung are to put the lunch menu, classroom newsletter and not sure what else in.

These clocks have been update with titles on the other ones as well. 

So this picture is deceiving. It makes my classroom look gigantic. I will try to take another one to give better perspective. I am standing by the end wall on my whole group carpet area. All the stuff on the tables is gone now too. 


Grizzzly said...

Love the one fish. You could put birthdays on thing 1 and thing 2 hair.

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