Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's talk about me!

I decided to join the linky over at blog hoppin this week. Very excited! So let talk about me! I will do this in list form. (Because I love lists!)
1) I am about to start my third year teaching. My first year was spent in kinder, second year in first and I am VERY excited to be going back to k this year! I have been told that now that my principal has me in k I am stuck for good (just fine by me). 

2) I have wanted to be a teacher since the first day of first grade. I had a fabulous teacher and wanted to be just like her. I have never changed my mind about this either. 

3) going with # 2 unlike most young teachers who have been gathering stuff for their classrooms for a couple of years I have been gathering things since I was 6. Lol

4) I am 24 years old. I still get carded ALL the time. Ugh! I know eventually it will be nice to get carded but now it's just annoying. 

5) I live at the beach. My house that I have been living in has an ocean view. I'm moving at the end of the month though-no more ocean view but it's only 3 blocks away. 

6) I have a 3 year old lab retriever mix named Napili. I love her even though she is a little nuts. Her name comes from my favorite bay on Maui. 

7) I play tennis twice a week (most weeks). We are lucky to have 2 indoor courts in the area with a pro. I'm usually the youngest  one there by about 20 years. We have a blast though!

8) When I was a baby I ate sand. By the handful! And I was not a small baby (9lb 13 oz when I was born) so those were not small hands.

9) I hate drinking milk. On cereal I can stand it in small amounts but just drinking a glass of milk? That is GROSS!)\

10) I hate it when people touch my feet! I had the second pedicure of my life this summer because I was going to wear sandals to a wedding. It tickles and I just think it is gross to have people touching my feet (especially summer feet, I do live at the beach).

So there you have it. It's a day late but I finished. I think I will try for the whole week but with screening today and tomorrow I may have to do a double day. But I will say my classroom is basically done minus one bookshelf that will be added this week!
(oh and I will try to add pictures to this later. They my phone was having trouble uploading my post)


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