Monday, January 31, 2011

fire drills and math lessons

I have been teaching the math lessons on a daily basis. Today's lesson was going great I was working with the kids and my awesome mentor was pulling kids in pairs to paint their whales in the hall. Until the great principal came and told AM (awesome mentor) that she needed to come and run a fire drill. As I have never even been at the school during one AM came in and explained the drill to me before she went to the office to run it.
Let me tell you that is the absolute most ANNOYING LOUD fire alarm I have EVER heard! I have heard a lot of different ones and that one is by far the worst. The students cooperated much better than I expected but it definitely could have gone better.
After the drill we had a talk about what we could have done better. The only thing the kids were worried about was why they have to turn their backs to the school while we wait in the field.
Hopefully I won't have to go through another one of these drills anytime soon. But if we do I know I will be ready.
And it's only Monday...

Also: Last week was my birthday. On Friday we had a very fun day. In the morning I was sent to a different classroom so that the students could complete their surprise for me. After lunch we had a little party. My AM brought in Popsicles, I "jumped" into 22, they sang the birthday song, we had choosing time and I got some fantastic cards. It was definitely a birthday to remember.


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