Monday, January 10, 2011

first full week of student teaching

So the week started out a little crazy. Got a call from my Fabulous mentor on sunday night saying that she wouldn't be there. So I got to teach ALL day on Monday! There was a sub there but as there were no real sub plans just what I had been told she just let me teach all day long. It was FANTASTIC!
The rest of the week was pretty good. Kids were getting used to the schedule again.
On thursday we got a new student. Lets just say that he will be an interesting case.

Friday was a good day. I taught the first hour of the day. At the very end of that hour however one of the super bees decided to pull out his tooth while we were all sitting in the carpet area. GROSS! Then later in the day another little super bee pulled hers out too! I can deal with a lot of nasty things but kids walking around all day with a kleenex in their mouth trying to pull out their tooth is NASTY! Not only is all of the blood gross but they have their dirty hands in their mouth too...then they try to hold me hand. yuck! Lets hope that all of the loose teeth fell out over the weekend.


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