Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another day in the classroom

I had a teacher friend in town yesterday so we spent a few hours working in my classroom. We got the listening center set up-it could easily move still as I figure out where everything else goes. We also put up my beginning of the year bulletin board in the hallway. I pretty much fell in love with this bulletin board that I am pretty positive that I found on Kindergarten's 3 R's I pretty much love her blog and all of her ideas. If you haven't been to see her fabulous blog full of ideas then you definitely need to. Well halfway through putting up the new bulletin board the janitor (who is FABULOUS by the way!) went home which means she turned off the lights in the hall. So forgive the poor lighting and the poor picture quality (Its from my phone). It isn't quite done yet still have to add the students names (BUT I GOT MY LIST YESTERDAY!!)

I am going to be moving the next couple days then I get to spend the weekend watching Bull Riding at a great event. So I don't get to go to my classroom again until Monday-when I have another future teacher friend coming in to help me. Loving all of the help and company! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their July.
I can't believe it's almost August already! Yikes! So much to do still!
Oh and I started work on my refurbish of my house keeping set. Pictures to come.


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