Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My week so far...

So I have had an exhausting week already and it's only Tuesday! Yikes!
Yesterday I had my sister who is 14 and her friend come to school with me all day! AWESOME! I love having extra help that is willing to just jump in and do what is needed without prompting! They helped me prep and they got to help with 2 cute projects. I will do my best to remember my camera to take pictures tomorrow. Lots of fun was had. And one of the two of them fell asleep in the car on the way home. haha. My sister commented, "I don't know why I'm so tired-it's not like I did that much." Welcome to the world of Kindergarten-complete exhaustion.

Today we had MORE visitors! I didn't tell the kids yesterday. I waited until this morning and only told 2 kids who was coming. They kept the secret. My mom, step dad and sister all came by to meet the kids I talk about all the time on their way out of town for their spring break. So awesome! I seriously tell stories to them ALL THE TIME-now they can put a face to the stories. Even better was that they jumped in and read to the kids! Kiddos loved it and so did I. Really wish I would have had my camera!

Tomorrow is wednesday...and a HALF DAY for the kiddos! Meetings for me in the afternoon then on to costco, dollar tree and probably the grocery store. Then home to get some cleaning done-I hope.

My whole family and my friends are ALL on spring break this week...while I work. My break isn't until the 3rd week of April! But I am hoping that will help with the super long month of May at least a little.

Tonight I baked some muffins for the class tomorrow so that they can celebrate the music teachers birthday with him. They made him a birthday book today-they wrote what they like about music. My favorite was "I like music because Mr. S is funny." Haha. They also colored some very lovely cupcakes on the pages.

Time to go get something done oh and probably eat some dinner.
Happy 81st birthday to my Grandpa!



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