Sunday, April 1, 2012

currently...and a long week

So the last post I did was about losing a teacher at our school-it made it a LONG week for us staff. The service was yesterday, it was very nice. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place-3 of her current students talked. Then the class released balloons and sang "You are my Sunshine"-so sweet.

Now on to happier things!

I went bowling last night. SO FUN! Haven't been bowling in a LONG time. I was with very fun people and we had a great time! Doesn't hurt that I bowled really well-for me. I got a 158 :)

Oh and I saw The Lorax in 3D last week. AMAZING! I absolutely LOVED it! Now I know why the kiddos couldn't stop talking about it.

Tomorrow my little sister and her friend (who are on spring break this week-don't remind me) are coming to school with me ALL DAY to help! Hooray for extra help! I take whatever I can get!

My currently this month:

Go see Farley.

Happy April Fools day. It is now time to go call my grandpa and tell him that he has a spider in his hair.


Living a Wonderful Life said...

It has been so long since I've been able to blog stalk! I am so sorry to hear about the teacher at your school. So sad.

Your Currently reminded me I need to go finish laundry...ugh :(

Living A Wonderful Life

Casey Turner said...

So sorry to hear about the teacher at your school. I can't imagine losing anyone from my school family this way.

Hate laundry. Mine is waiting for me in the washing machine. I must move it before it smells funky but I am SO not motivated.

Second Grade Math Maniac Blog
Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Kelley Cirrito said...

I love that you have control of the remote! That is the way it always should be! hehe!

oh' boy said...

thanks so much for linking up... I understand your loss... a few years ago we had one of our teachers pass away from a massive heart attack in his class.... SO SAD and last year our head custodian lost her battle to cancer... hugs sent your way for brighter days!!!

Kimberly said...

So sorry to hear about the teacher at your school. Wish we were neighbors, I love to do laundry. I know...I'm a freak. Ha!
Funky First Grade Fun

Jen Sykes (Hello Mrs. Sykes) said...

So sorry to hear about the teacher from your school... Hugs your way.

Hello Mrs Sykes

RealOCteachers said...

New follower here! I'm so happy I found your blog!

The REAL Teachers of Orange County

KRISTA said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the teacher at your school.

I like your super power. I would like that too. I am a new follower of your cute blog.

Come visit my blog when you get a chance.

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