Monday, June 11, 2012


IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! and the kiddos leave at 10:30.
I can't believe that it's already the last day of my first year of teaching. Holy Cow.
I have been gearing up for the last day for a while now. I spent my weekend making a slideshow DVD for my kiddos. I may have cried while I watched it before burning the discs...and I may cry tomorrow. Who knows. I am certainly going to miss walking past the bus after putting the kids on and hearing, "Love you!" and getting kisses blown at me. (Especially from the little girl they come from. She started the year basically nonverbal and not doing any work in the classroom. Now I can't get her to stop talking, showing me things, counting, telling me letter sounds etc. I will miss her so so much!)
These kids have taught me so much-not just as a teacher but as in life lessons. Some of them have experienced more than any 5 year old should and it just makes me sad.
I am extra super sad because a bunch of the kids are sick. Super nasty bug going around the class-3 kids in the ER over the weekend with fevers around 104. YIKES!

Today I took my dog to school. She was perfectly behaved and the kids LOVED her! I would take her everyday if I could. She had a calming effect on some of the kids and it was wonderful.

Time to get some sleep before tomorrow. Must finish the bachelorette first though. Rose ceremony... is it the "Most dramatic rose ceremony yet"?!?!?!? haha

Happy nearly summertime!


Christina Bainbridge said...

Happy first last day! I just had my 6th and cried, so no biggie!

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J Tilton said...

Bachelorette is one of my favs too! Enjoy your time off!

Tori said...

Happy Summer break! So who are you rooting for? I'm a Jef lover :)
Oh.. I'm a new follower! :)
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