Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Currently.. On the first!

I have decided to blog again. I severely neglected my blog this year and I have come to the conclusion that I need to write to keep myself sane. So I have decided to write at least 1 time per week this summer. That is my goal.

Here is the promised currently.

Listening: Yes I am 24 and yes I watch General Hospital EVERY day. What can I say I am addicted. It started in college and has continued. Sometimes I get a few days behind then have to have a DVR GH marathon, today for example. Anyone else out in teacher blog land that watches?

Loving: I went to the middle of nowhere Eastern WA this weekend to meet my new nephew. He is ADORABLE. I love him and his sweet baby smell and snuggles. I did not however love the H-O-T weather and 8 hour drive each way. They live on a farm... A big farm.  Pictures later. 

Thinking: Laundry. I hate doing laundry. Actually no I don't hate doing the laundry I hate putting the laundry away. I have far too many clothes and every time I do laundry I remember that when they won't all fit in the drawers and closet... It's a problem I tell you. Maybe that is what I will complete this week-clothes purging. I also have a baby swaddler to make for a friend who is due to have a sweet baby girl any day. So excited to know someone having a GIRL! I have also been working on knitting a blanket for her. So that is something else to finish.

Wanting: Like I said I don't like laundry. Anyone love laundry who wants to come and do mine? J/k... sort of. 

Needing: yeah it's 8:00 and I have yet to eat dinner. I just got out of the car... don't know what to eat, mostly because I also need to go grocery shopping...

Tips, Tricks or hints: Don't neglect. This year I not only didn't write but I have also been neglecting my blog stalking this school year. I have missed you all! 

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Teacher At Heart said...

I love your advice! My poor blog experienced some neglect during the last month or so of the school year. I understand...sometimes it is just the last thing on your list! Glad I found your blog!

Teacher at Heart

Abby said...

Oh, I am with you on the laundry. I have been on summer vacation for 3 weeks and every day, the laundry pile and I have a stare down... and then I walk away. :) We ended up having a "laundry party" today - which just amounts to me drinking wine and the hubs drinking beer while we fold. HA!

I don't watch GH, but I do the DVR marathon with Law and Order: SVU. In fact, I think you've given me a great plan for tomorrow!

:) Abby
Third Grade Bookworm

Miss Trayers said...

I haven't watch GH in such a looonngg time! I was flipping channels and saw Lulu as practically a grown-up! The last time I watched I think she was just born. :)


4321Teach said...

A new nephew can be really exciting! I am sure the trip wasn't long enough for all the love you wanted to give him.


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