Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tic-Tac-Toe and Breaking the 1 blog a day rule

OK so I saw this linky before I saw the currently today. And I just decided that I needed to do both of them. So here it goes.


So it is a tic tac toe linky. I have chosen the left vertical column. 
So here goes...

I went to College at Washington State University's Vancouver campus. GREAT teaching program! I think my favorite memory was probably the day that we made puppets in art class. Everyone's puppets were so different. Here are a few pictures.

My first year teaching:
Hmmm where to start. So I Applied for the job as sort of a joke. I knew where I wanted to live(and wasn't going to budge on that) and this job was 55 miles away. I NEVER thought that I would get an interview let alone a job. So I applied. Interviewed. Had lunch with my dad after the interview (the job was literally 1/2 way between where he lives and where I live) then drove home. Pulled up in front of my house and my phone rang it was the principal offering me a job teaching Kindergarten. I went into the interview with NO idea what grade it was for and left the interview with the same question-they were actually hiring 3 of us K, 1st and 2nd. 
I of course said YES. Even though I knew that it was going to mean some difficult decisions. In the end I decided I really was NOT going to move. So I commuted 1 hour each way to work. I had THE class, you know that one that NOBODY wants... yeah. But in the end I would have traded any of those kids for anything. I loved that quirky bunch! 

My favorite grade to teach: This is a tricky question. Since the first day of 1st grade I have wanted to teach 1st grade.  I student taught 1st grade and loved it. Then I taught a year of kinder. Then last year I was back in 1st and I missed kinder! This year I am headed back to Kinder and I absolutely can't wait! I LOVE KINDERGARTEN! Never thought I would say that growing up. I have been assured by my principal that I can stay there a while :) 

There you have it. Enjoy the sunshine!


Robin Harris said...

My first few years I commuted just 35 minutes and that was hard! I cannot even imagine 55 minutes!!
The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

Melissa said...

OMG!! That is crazy an hour each way! Wow I thought I had it bad. My commute is about 30 minutes sometimes longer depending on traffic. But if I left early enough I could make it in 20 minutes.

Covington's Corner

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