Saturday, September 24, 2011

A visitor in Room 7!

We had a VERY busy week in kindergarten. We talked about our letters and we geared up all week for our Thursday afternoon visitor. ( Mentioned this here)

Well the visitor was my grandpa and his wife. It was great fun having them come and the kids LOVED it too! My grandpa read them Ferdinand The Bull-and they LOVED it!

I then told them that they could ask questions if they wanted to. But the rule was that only one person could talk at a time because otherwise Grandpa’s hearing aids would turn off (which is actually partially true). They were pretty good about it-except they are still learning the difference between asking a question and telling a story. So the first little one raises her hand to “ask a question”-she said, “I have a dog named Gigi!” then everyone wanted to talk about their pets. Then my grandma says, “Did you know that Miss Bruncke has a dog?” oh goodness-at this point all control of talking was G.O.N.E. So I stepped in and my grandpa decided that it was time for him to leave-he said goodbye and the hugging started—and continued for the next 5 minutes. Thankfully they didn’t knock the grandparents over like they did to the music teacher last week!

After the kids got back from recess we made thank you notes. They were adorable-the kids liked the sweetest things. And my grandparents LOVED getting the cards. My grandpa is already looking forward to coming back and reading another story. I can’t wait! Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment-from story time and Math stations (does anyone else use Bridges?)


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