Sunday, November 6, 2011

I have decided on a random facts post for today...

1) I HATE being cold! I would much rather be way too hot than being cold at all. And recently it has been VERY cold-in the mornings, during the day, at night. Just makes me realize I need some new sweaters.
2) Kinders are very open. I had a boy who had an unfortunate accident the other day. Another student was in the bathroom at the same time and they both came to tell me what happened. Then the rest of the class heard of course-when you come back crying and saying what happened very loudly that tends to happen-then the rest of the class proceeded to say things like: "I still wet my pants sometimes" "I do to" "It happens sometimes". This cracked me up.
3) Halloween was an interesting experience in Kinderland. The two days after were the bad part-those are some crabby kids when they are coming down from a sugar high.
4) We have completed the alphabet in class... My kids still continue to ask daily what letter we are going to do.
5) I have been reading my kids "Ramona the Pest." THEY LOVE IT! But it's almost over. They are completely comprehending it and I love having them recall the things that have happened in the last few days in the book. I don't know what to read to them next! HELP! Any suggestions?
6) I am not ready for winter weather. I drive 50 minutes each way to school and adding snow to that will make my mornings much more difficult... I don't mind driving in the snow however my car does and I don't like to when it's dark-which is pretty much the only time that I do any driving.
7) I watch WAY too much TV. Here is a list of the shows I watch on a regular basis: General Hospital (I know it's bad but I can't stop), Desperate Housewives, CSI Miami, Sister Wives (this is just plain strange I know but it is entertaining and interesting), Ridiculousness (if you need a laugh this is your show), The Sing Off, Glee, Last man Standing (so funny! Especially since I am the oldest of 3 girls myself), NCIS (sort of), Only in America with Larry the Cable guy (haha!), CSI Vegas, CSI New York, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Grimm (this is a new one, but I am liking it.), Revenge. I now feel like I have absolutely NO life! yikes. At least I watch them on the DVR so that they are not taking up as much time and I am nearly always doing some type of school work while I watch.
8) Apparently for me an extra hour of sleep in the fall means going to bed at 1:30 and waking up at 5:30. Seriously?! I did manage to stay in be until 7:30 though.
9) I have a dog. Her name is Napili-this is the bay I stayed on when I went to Hawaii. But I am renting a place so she is not allowed to live with me. It makes me sad because there is nothing better than coming home from a long day to a dog that is so excited to see you that her tail nearly falls off from wagging so hard. She is living with my mom-only 15 minutes from me but I haven't been spending anywhere near enough time with her. I think that will be my goal this month.
10) I hate being disorganized-but I constantly am. It drives me NUTS! I need about a week to get all of my organization in order so that it can stay that way. I could also use about 2 extra hours each day to get everything done.
11) I am TERRIBLE at video games. I realized this once again last night. And I am sure after that embarrassing pitiful attempt I made I will never hear the end of it.
Hopefully I will also find more time to write this month. I can't wait for the three day weekend! And then a regular week followed my THANKSGIVING! I can't wait! And I get to have it at my house this year! Super excited! Hope everyone out there in blogland is enjoying this wonderful weekend.


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