Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I got the keys!

And I have a LOT of stuff!

I got the keys to my new classroom yesterday! I may or may not have been waiting and driving by to see if the secretary was there... Lucky for me we got some rain yesterday so she couldn't work in her garden which meant she was there! So I took pictures (sorry for the quality all I had was my phone). Starting from the door.

Tomorrow I drive the hour to my old school and move all of my stuff. (all the stuff in my room now was in the "office" at my house all summer. I have a whole extra room now!) My mom is coming with me so we have both cars and a couple people from my old school have offered to help. I will sure miss the people I worked with there but I am so excited to work with the staff here! One of the Kinder teachers stopped by today and was able to answer some of my questions, HOORAY! Can't wait to really get started on setting up!

What you see straight ahead when you walk in. (yes my sister is pretending to bat at my dad. They "decorated" by laying my rugs in a strange place.)
From the corner you were looking at in the previous picture.
On the wall with the door.
That door opens into the classroom next door. Just so happens that classroom is where my mom works. 

This was today. I brought the rest of my books...and sorted and sorted...
My dad posing yesterday. That large orange bucket is full of books and their cassette tapes. (now I just need to find some players...)
my car this morning on the way to school...
The ADORABLE package my sister sent me. She painted the box and filled it with Seuss things!
Yes that is my youngest sister and yes she is taller than me. Don't remind me please!


Mr. Michelbook said...

It looks nice. I'm so jealous, I wish I had windows in my classroom. We are getting a new school but they are still in the planning stage. I believe they are supposed to break ground in December and be done by December of 2013. So in about a year and half I will be doing the same thing you're doing now.
Good luck!

Jenn Long said...

So exciting! Congrats on finally being able to get in there!
Have fun!

A Pirates Life for Us

Sara Soucy said...

That's so cool that you teach next to your mom! And that you have helpers to set up your classroom! I would need a very large bribe to get help in my room and I would hear complaining all day!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

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