Monday, July 2, 2012

July?! Really?!?!?! & currently

I can't believe it's July! Summer is going to fast-even with the fact that I have barely been sleeping. Apparently I deal with stress by not getting enough sleep (example-I was up until 3:30 on Friday night...)
Here is my currently. I will explain my answers.

Listening- I LOVE the Olympics! And the trials are just as good. I just love it! Tonight I have watched track and field and swimming. I have already set up to record more swimming, more track and field and gymnastics! 

Loving-What teacher doesn't love summer. The weather here has been pretty good. We have definitely had some rain but nothing too bad. Today was absolutely gorgeous. I even bought the pup and little wading pool for the back yard since I don't really want to take her to the beach with all of the crazy people, their big cars and their fireworks and other explosives. (sorry for the run-on)

Thinking-I have had this same thought nearly every night since mid June. There have been about 3 nights that I have been asleep before midnight. Two of those were because I had interviews first thing in the morning. 

Wanting- As mentioned above I have had 2 interviews. The first I wrote about before-for a music position. I didn't get it. I wasn't sure about teaching music-it made me nervous-but I would do it to work at this school. My second interview was on Thursday morning. It went very well I thought. They said I will know mid week this week. My not sleeping can be attributed to not knowing for sure what or where I will be teaching next year. Yes I already have a contract at my current school to go back to Kindergarten. But this job I am hoping for is my absolute dream job. It is at the school I have wanted to teach at for the last 10is years and it is 1st grade (this is my FAVORITE). 

Needing-I have slowly been working my way through the house. Started with the office-pictures soon. Moved onto the kitchen/eating area. Then my home desk (not in the office-weird I know). Next up is the living room and my bedroom. When I say cleaning I mean organizing and thorough cleaning. And in some cases moving furniture. 

1- Love You Forever-this is my absolute FAVORITE book! I think I have about 6 copies of it. Someday I will have the quote "I'll love you Forever,  I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my Baby you'll be." On a wall in a room in my house. I will never however drive across town and climb a ladder into my childs house and sneak into his bedroom-that would be creepy. 
2-I have lots of professional books but I can't pick one that I really use. But at the moment I don't actually have one.When I find my favorite I will definitely share. 

Time for me to try and maybe go to bed...Or sit and read. I finished my second book of the summer this morning! It feels so good to read a book just because I want to! Hope you are all having a great start to July! Hoping to do a picture heavy post very soon. 



Dawn said...

I deal with stress in the same way. Ugh. I need my sleep - especially in the summertime!

Good luck with your prospective job - I hope you hear good news soon!

Fern Smith said...

I'm your newest follower. I look forward to visiting the Washington coast eventually, it looks beautiful!
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Kaci Hoffer said...

That is my absolute favorite book! I made my mom a necklace that said that quote for my wedding!

Jessica Stanford said...

I need to clean too lol

Jessica Stanford
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