Monday, August 6, 2012

More Pictures...and a sort of update.

Myself on the left with one of the preschool teachers at my old school. She is hilarious and I will miss her terribly! And she came in to help me-wonderful I tell you!
Blogger is giving me issues so hopefully this will work. I went to my old school last Wednesday to pack up and move to my new room. At the end of last year when I packed I packed with the intention that I was not going to be back this year. So I had already separated all of my stuff from the stuff that belongs to the school. Saved me SO much time in the long run! Sure I spent an entire extra week at the end of the year but  it saved me from losing a weeks worth of time in my new classroom! And had I stayed at the old school I think it would have been good just because everything was all organized.  So here are some pictures of the move and of my room. I have forgotten to take pictures the last couple of days! Promise to take more this week...taking them today would be a bit embarrassing because it is such a mess! But it's getting better. Oh and I got to meet my new teaching partner! She is hilarious, tiny (meaning I am 5'5 and I look straight over her makes me look tall) and we are going to have a fabulous time in first grade! I spent 4.5 hours working in her classroom with her yesterday. We both got hired this summer. I moved into an empty room and she moved into a FULL room...the teacher before her left a LOT of stuff! I should have taken a picture of it all. It was crazy. I am headed to Portland with my mom tomorrow to visit Ikea, Target and the teacher store that is in the same area. Can't wait! Anyway here are the pictures I promised forever ago (ok they may have ended up being I said I am having blogger issues).
My mom and I. (not a very good picture...)
this would be a picture of the back of my mom's van. We took out all of the back seats and FILLED it. But we got everything in one vehicle!
(the rest of these pictures are out of order and I can't get them to switch) Here is my classroom after some work with everything in it.
All of my stuff from my other classroom moved in.
As we were moving things in... That kidney table at the base of the picture is not nearly that clean at the moment...And I am having a terrible time finding a place to keep that black file box.


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