Saturday, August 6, 2011

Classroom bulletin boards...suggestions please

Ok so I am going back and forth on creating bulletin boards. On one hand I would love to create a million of them on the other I keep reading things that say to let the students help you to create them. This is where you come in.

What should I do?

I know I will start a word wall-by the previously posted chicka chicka boom boom tree. But other than that what should I do? My school doesn't have set hanging bulletin boards, we can basically make one where we want when we want. (We just staple into the walls...which makes me nervous) I will have one set board over my computers (when I figure out how to put in the work order)-but I can't decide what to put on it. The walls look so boring right now-but I also don't want it to be overwhelming.

And when it comes to labeling the classroom-do you have the labels up to start with or do you have the students help you to label the classroom (I know it's important to do and I have started to make the labels-for the clock and such)?

So many questions. Any input would be fantastic! And any other suggestions for a first year teacher-especially Kindergarten- would be so appreciated!

Back to watching the PBR.


Nicole said...

Good questions! I'm a huge fan of NOT buying store-bought decor and bulletin boards. I like the look of bare walls in the beginning of the year and filling it up as the year goes on, especially with student work.

I don't know if you're familiar with Debbie Diller, but her book Spaces and Places has some suggestions about setting up your classroom. I've seen her presentations, but haven't read this book cover to cover. I'm pretty sure she mentions keeping the walls uncluttered and simply decorated in that book.

Hope this is helpful! Glad you were up as late as I was! ;)

The Kinder Kid

Allyce said...

Thanks for the comment Nicole. I definitely think I need to have something on the walls but I think I have an idea...just can't decide. I will have to look into that book! Thanks again!

Alysia Battista said...

Do you have a theme? That might help. I'm doing ocean / beach this year. I've done bees and stars before. My hallway bulletin board said "Battista's Busy Bees" while inside ones said "Buzz Words" {vocab} and my door said "2B or not to be? That is the question."

Allyce said...

I am going with a tropical theme. Lots of things with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and palm trees. I added a "Reading Tree" in my reading corner (We can put names of books that we read/that kids really enjoy under the tree) and another one in the Math/Calendar area. It looks better. I will be posting new pictures soon.

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