Friday, August 19, 2011

Updated classroom pictures

Well two weeks from today I will have completed my first two days of school. And as of right now my classroom still isn't all ready to go...YIKES! Close but not quite there. I spent three days this week at trainings-two days for a testing training and one day for a math training (the math one was FANTASTIC!). I got to go to a concert in there too. If you get a chance go see Reckless Kelly-great show. But I have spent some time in my classroom since the last time I posted and made a lot of progress. I am headed in again on Monday to hopefully finish up...we will see how far I actually get. After much thought I pretty much decided to have the starts of some bulletin boards on the walls but not to fill them all in. So the reading tree will be a place where we will post what books we are reading and enjoying in class. We will post birthdays with the tree in the front of the room an I will be using the tree in the back by the sink as my word wall-labels are part of my job on Monday as well as labeling other things like desks and lockers and book boxes with names-which I am not sure if I have all of yet... I was told I will continue to get more students throughout the first week of school or so. So here are some pictures. Before and afters-WARNING a bit picture heavy.

My helper for the day-she tried to escape pictures but I got her. She has been one of my best friends since Jr. High-she starts her student teaching next week!

Can't wait to have all of those little people in my room!


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