Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sorry it took so long!

Well it has been a very long week so I am just now getting to my post about last Sunday. I got to take a tour of the local Coast Guard station! It was fun and interesting! I love by one of the biggest stations-they house the surf rescue school because of the dangerous conditions we have to train them in.
Lewis and Clark named the area Cape Disappointment.
We got to see the boats, the housing, the offices, more boats, the dining area, the insides of the boats where they put the survivors they rescue, the lighthouse (even got to go inside), and the watch station (with the biggest set of binoculars I have ever seen!).

So here are some pictures of our adventure!

Some of the boats for the surf rescue school.

Chamber for the survivors.

One of the little boats.

Inside of the biggest boat there!

Cape D lighthouse. We were on the lower of the two outer decks.

Up in the lighthouse.

The helicopter was doing some training over the water.

biggest binoculars EVER! in the watch building.

Had a great day at the Cape!
I have now survived my second conference week. Now I need to decide what to do for St. Patricks day... There will definitely be a visit from the Leprechaun I just can't decide how many times he will visit...

Have a great week!


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