Thursday, March 1, 2012

100th post! and as usual it will be RANDOM.

So I had no school today (or tomorrow) because it's our Mid-winter break. Just in time for report cards to be due next week and parent teacher conferences-only with kids we are worried about or in my case also my two new students so I can get to know their parents...

My plan today was to head across the river (this is the closest "big" city) to do my grocery shopping in the morning. Well when my alarm went off at 5am-why do I always forget to turn it off! - I looked outside only to see that it had either snowed or hailed or both and then it froze. And I mean really froze-like the school district here in town had a 2 hour delay. So I went back to bed for about 2 hours then I went and curled up on the couch in my PJs and a cozy blanket. I watched some shows apparently I fell asleep sometime between CSI and the end of revenge and finally really woke up at 11am! Holy Cow!
I then did some blog stalking, worked a little more on my family tree and watched a little bit of the news.

Then got up got ready and headed to the store finally. I made it to Fred Meyer, Cash and Carry, Dollar Tree and Costco today, oh and of course Starbucks. Pretty successful in my book.

While in line at Dollar Tree the man behind me was staring at my stuff. He then said, "You must be an educator." I said yes and laughed a little. He responded with, "I just came from a school, I saw your stuff and I just knew you must be shopping for school." I can't figure out if he is in education or if he is a parent or what. (I would have chatted with him more but I was headed to Costco to meet my mom and sister.) I guess I will never know-although it is a small town I will probably run into him again sometime.

Oh and I found the original Lorax cartoon video on DVD today! I can't wait to let my kiddos watch it. They LOVE the book!

Tomorrow I will be spending the day helping at the school my mom works at. It's their Read Across America Day and they need some extra help. Then it's home to hopefully get some report cards started/finished.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!


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