Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's not wrong Wednesday!

Ok so I had another crazy busy week and I think the is the perfect opportunity for me to have a positive afternoon.  So here it goes.

Here's what you do...
Right click, save, and repost the above image.  
Think of FIVE fabulous and fantastic things that aren't wrong right now.  
Post on your bloggity blog.  
Link up below!  Simple as that! :) 

Here's my list of what's not wrong...
1-Today is my Friday!We have our mid winter break for the rest of the week. Hooray for two days of relaxation of some sort.

2-I got to wear my pajamas to school. I know people are always excited to wear their jeans to school (sorry gals and guys I wear jeans nearly everyday... very relaxed school). For me excitement is getting to wear my pajamas. 

3-We had a half day and it was read across america day. Can you say relaxed! We read, colored, watched a video, had music, read some more, did a little writing, had lunch, read some more, packed up and went home. Oh and throw in a few minutes of turning our tables into one giant fort :) I forgot my camera and was not happy about it. The kiddos all looked so cute! And they had so much fun!

4-I came home and was already in my pajamas to watch the bachelor. My mom stopped by and called me lazy until she realized that this is what I got to wear to school :)

5-I only had 3 minor behavior issues to deal with today! If you knew my class you would know this is a small miracle. (People I send home 6 behavior contracts each day! It's a bit insane.) 

So there you have it. I have had a lovely day and I hope you did too! Now on to blog stalking and maybe some CSI watching. I am not even minding the nasty weather here so much. One of the neighboring districts even had a 1 hour delay today due to snow. Does mother nature not realize that it is nearly March?!

Happy Wednesday!


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