Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Progress report #3? 4?

I'm breaking blogging rules and posting twice today. Sometimes breaking the rules is totally worth it!
So here is my classroom update for today. I feel like I actually made a bit of progress...maybe. Got my bunting hung up again after it fell down overnight. Needed something stronger than double sided tape. All taken care of. I started the morning meeting with the other 1st grade teacher. We figured out our schedules and figured out when to begin different parts of the curriculum. It was good-and productive. Then it was time for lunch because we were both exhausted and I needed to come home and let the dogs out.
My carpet area. Got bigger chairs for the computer tables. Need to set up my calendar area but I need it to be laminated first...   
I have a bunch of little stuff to put away. Looking from the corner behind my small group table.
Looking into the room from the door.
A little different angle from behind my small group table.
my books came yesterday! 50 books for $50! It was like Christmas in August!
Looking right from behind my small group table.
Table boxes for writing folders/reading work books. Mailboxes below.
Small group table. You can sort of see the stars I put at each seat. (Can't remember which blog I saw that on but I LOVED the idea!)
BOOKS! So so many! These are mostly read aloud books. 
My not so little little sister came to help me. She got to lower all of my tables:)
Taking bean bag chairs in tomorrow for this area.Shelf on the left is full of math manipulatives.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my little laminator?! Here come the name tags.

So there you have my classroom. Tomorrow I think my goal will be to get all of the little stuff put away. Then I can finish the other little stuff and do my bulletin boards! So excited for that! 


Jessica said...

I love your truffala trees! What a great idea!

Apples and Papers

Sara Soucy said...

I love getting books in the mail from Scholastic! I think I get more excited than the kids do.

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Living a Wonderful Life said...

Your room looks awesome! I am totally the same way...I have tons of small things here and there that I just keep passing by and not putting up. Love your room!

Living A Wonderful Life

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

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