Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ten on the 10th... Posted on the 11th. Oops

Here are my ten photos from the 10th! I remembered to take them all just forgot to post them. Oh and when I uploaded the pictures they are all mixed up. Oh well. 
All of the boards on teh fridge. Have to keep track of what is going on somehow.
Vacuuming... yesterday afternoon and this morning are dedicated to house cleaning for me...
I went to school for the morning yesterday and this is what I saw out the window. Doesn't look like such a bad place to nap.
My truffula trees make me smile and they are nearly complete. Now I think I just need to draw myself some barbaloots...
I spent thursday miserable. I scratched my cornea...These eye drops work like a miracle-thank goodness.
My new boots! LOVE THEM!
They took my 3 extra tables! I now officially have my carpet area. So happy!!!Now for the mess-anyone want to come clean it all for me? just kidding sort of.
I swear my feet aren't actually that white... This is just me waiting on the eye to stop watering.
I bought these prints months ago and finally got the third one hung. They are just perfect.
It was a gray day at the the beach. The ocean is out there but you can't really see it... I love living at the beach!


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