Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Progress report # (I can't keep track...)

My new teacher chair! It is super comfortable and hides the cords from my computer/speakers and document camera that are behind it.
I went shopping with my mom yesterday. She picked me up at 6:30am and we drove the 2+ hours to the nearest big city (aka place with a target and ikea). We had planned to be there when Ikea opened...well we were actually an hour early. So we went to The Learning Palace. So much fun! (forgot to take a picture of all of the stuff I bought there...will take one tomorrow.) But here are some other pictures of the progress that has been made in the last few doesn't seem like too much but it took a while and who am I kidding-I socialize when I am there too and I ask questions because I am in a new school. But here are the pictures nonetheless. (again I am arguing with picture moved above my do I fix this?)
I got my truffula trees up today! I still need to add the stripes on the trunks and a few more trees but I LOVE them!(please excuse the disaster on my small group table!)
this shelf and the cupboard next to it make up my teacher station.
reading area. This may have to undergo some changes due to the fact that enrollment at my school is way up and there may not be enough lockers in the hall so we might have to use the hooks... The clocks on the right are going to be labeled and set to important times of the day (lunch, recess, specials, etc)
close up of the trees and the Seuss rules I found at The Learning Palace. Going to add some grass and Barbaloots I think :)


Miss Nelson said...

Love Love Love your pictures. You should come link up.

Jenn Long said...

So cool! I love those trees! Is that frame made of buttons? Love it!

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