Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday- a very productive day! (warning-photo heavy!)

I was very productive today! I finished projects at school then went grocery shopping(might have stopped at Starbucks-where I found out they won't have my favorite mocha coconut frappachino's again until summer... So sad!) Then a trip to Costco and Freddy's. And back home with just enough motivation to clean out and swap our cleaning/junk closet and our snack cupboards and do a few other small things in the kitchen (tupperware drawer? NIGHTMARE!)

I can't get my pictures to go in the order I want them. GRRR.

Hope you had a great Tuesday too!
Super cute bulletin board my little sister and I made. (this is only 1/2 of it)
One of my jobs tomorrow...
Tomorrows goal is to finish my word wall.
Nearly full shot (I can't zoom out any farther with my phone. )
My clocks are COMPLETE!
Before and after of cupboard.
Before and after of pantry.
Another job for tomorrow.
Yes between my roommate and I we have 3 count them 1-2-3 crockpots. And we didn't use any of them even once all year... I plan to use some of those recipes I have pinned!
Tables are getting ready!
Haven't decided completely what to put in these yet...
You can't really tell but there were well over 100 boats on each side of the bridge today on my way home from shopping.
The other half. (the other first grade teachers side)


Jennifer K. said...

I love that bulletin board - too cute!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

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