Monday, February 27, 2012

back from my more than a week hiatus...

I have been gone too long! This last week just got away from me. It was all kinds of crazy.
There was a lot going on and honestly I can't remember what half of it was at this point. I know there was one morning where I had no sub for my full time aid where I was trying to get assessments done with me and 24 students in the classroom (yes they chose that day to ALL come to school...). We had a half day on Wednesday-thank goodness. The school district provided lunch for all staff members-but not until 1pm...which meant that I ate lunch in the staff room all alone because this stomach can't wait 2 hours past it's regular lunch time. Not at all. So I spent the 1pm lunchtime with the staff just chatting. It was lovely. Then I went and cleaned my classroom-and I may have watched the bachelor using my projector in my classroom... Ben is not better looking on that screen just so you know.

Then Friday I went to my hometown (you should know that my hometown is closer to my school than the town I live in now...I know this doesn't make sense but I just really don't want to live in my hometown anymore). Why did I go? To spend my weekend watching Pageants. Yes pageants-like the small town version of Miss America and Miss America's Outstanding Teen. So I spent my Friday night watching girls ages 13-17 perform talents, answer questions, walk around in sparkly dresses and earn money. Let me tell you some of the talent was great but some was AWFUL not so good. The right girl won though. She will be a good representative of the area.
Saturday night was spent watching my younger sister do the same thing except you need to add in some extra dancing and a swimsuit competition. (I could NEVER walk around the stage in a bikini just saying.) My sister placed first runner up! She did awesome and in many peoples minds she should have won. But if we are just talking scholarships and not crowns she actually did win. She did awesome and I was so so proud of her! Last week she was on the radio and I made had the kids listen to her. (they know her since she comes in and helps periodically) Their biggest question- "How did she get into the radio?" Let me tell you this is NOT easy to explain!

Yesterday was all about hanging out with my sister and dad. It was great to just hang out with them and relax for the day.

Today was Science fair/Grandparents day at school. Yes I actually did science in my classroom last week. ( I have seriously been slacking in this department all year-which is embarrassing since my dad is a HS science teacher and my sister teaches at environmental education camps.)I made our class poster this morning before school. It was simple but got the point across. Grandparents day included an hour long musical performance about the alaskan gold rush. I know my kids were bored after about 20 minutes (and honestly so was I and my foot was asleep because I have a little one who refused to sit anywhere besides my lap. Oh and there were so many people packed into our tiny little gym that I wasn't actually sitting on the bleachers I was sitting on the stairs of the bleachers.) When the little girl next to me said, "I can't sit anymore." my response was "why not?" She actually said, "my butt hurts from sitting here." I actually said, "mine does too. It should be over soon though."

And of course I got the, "Miss Bruncke when are you getting married?" question today. I need a more creative answer to this question besides, "I don't know." Any suggestions?

How was your weekend? 

Oh and I have another You know you're a teacher when... You use the term "Bossy E" in everyday conversation when helping someone to spell something.

Have you ever been to a Miss America preliminary pageant?

I have missed you all! 


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