Sunday, February 19, 2012

A very busy week...

I will keep this post short. It was one super crazy busy week. I mean so busy that I didn't even get to watch the bachelor until yesterday! There was the 100th day, valentines day, a very late night of watching hs basketball, an evening with a friend, and then a night spent on the couch ready for bed at 7:30 (yes friday night).
So with all the love in the air this week my students very favorite new question to ask me is "miss Bruncke when are you going to get married?" the first time it caught me completely off
Guard. We were just sitting on the rug doing a little sharing when sweet little girl decided she really needed to know the answer. (my sister who was there to help for the day found this hilarious especially since this is her favorite question to ask me as well.) my answer was "I don't know." well apparently that wasn't good enough because she asked me again a couple hours later-when my 2high school aids were in the room as well. This time it went like this.
Little one, "when are you going to get married?!"
Me, "I don't know.i answered that question earlier."
Little one, "it's taking you too long to decide!!!"
Me, "sorry."
LO, "well then when are you going to have kids?!?!"
Me (taken completely by surprise):"well that will take even longer."
LO, "well decide already!!!!"

End of conversation. Then they have been taking turns asking the marriage question each day since.

More on my week later just had to share that. Happy 3 day weekend everyone!!!


YearntoLearn said...

Kids have the cutest conversations!

Yearn to Learn Blog

Amber P. said...

My kids love asking me that too.

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Jessica said...

I get asked that too. My little cousins ask me that and then ask about boyfriends and told me I was not getting outside enough. I love their advice! So simple!

Apples and Papers

Miss DeCarbo said...

This is adorable. :) I am getting married in June but my kiddos have a hard time remembering that. I often get asked on Mondays: "Miss DeCarbo, are you married now?"

Second Grade Sugar and Spice

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