Saturday, January 14, 2012

80th post. Thankful for a 3 day weekend to relax!

So here I go this will be a combo post-my clutter free plan as well as my post about yesterday because I was too tired unable to concentrate too focused on catching up on last weeks tv shows I missed last night to write it.

First I have to add a little not about Thursday!
I needed to do some MLK activities with my kiddos. So We read Martin's Big Words. THE KIDS LOVED IT! And they understood it! We finished the book and decided to make a list of words that described what Dr. King did or words that described him. One little one raises her hand and says, "He respected all people but one day a man didn't respect him!" She (really all of them were) was so irritated about the fact that someone shot a man who was trying to do the right thing! Then we drew some pictures of Dr. King and wrote "Martin Luther King Jr. was a good person." I was impressed with their pictures.

Yesterday was the last day for one of my little ones. (I'm sad because she was one of the easiest students!) So we had a little special snack, I kept it a secret snack all day, cupcakes. Then we gave her the book we made the day before and we had some play time. I brought in the puppet theatre that I got for christmas for the first time. They loved  it!
There were about 15 kids who wanted to play in the beginning so the little on on the left took on the role of teacher/bossy pants. It was very entertaining.

These are the kids who got tired of waiting to perform their show and decided to play in the kitchen or watch the computers instead.

I think in the end there were about 5 shows performed total.
As they were at the puppet theater little one in the hat was trying her absolute hardest to get them all to sit quiet while the shows were going. My para of the day (this is a long story) and I couldn't help but laugh. She tried everything: "If you can hear me touch your ears, if you can hear me touch your knees." "1, 2, 3, Eyes on me." She even found my bell and tried that. Then she looked at me and said, "Miss Bruncke can you please make them be quiet! They are not listening!" I said, "Now you know what I have to do all the time to get everyone to listen." Her response, "I am so frustrated!!!" To which I couldn't help but laugh. Then I talked to them about how they need to listen. Then little teacher decided to try taking on the role of our school librarian who talks about theater behavior all the time. I spent the whole playtime laughing.

Now I am celebrating the fact that I have a three day weekend to use my OLW:Relax. It is nearly 10am and I am still in my pajamas on the couch watching last nights Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They are in Joplin and they are going to build 7 houses! Great episode so far!

Now my plan to de-clutter my classroom. 
1-stuff I do not want will go to the staff room or I will send out an email to the staff listing what I have to get rid of.

2- Stuff that I don't need and nobody else wants will go in the trash! (My janitor will be THRILLED! She absolutely loves it when people get rid of stuff.)

3-I will be bringing in a new filing stacker, getting rid of my filing cabinet I think (I don't ever use it and it is so big!)I will definitely be looking in the attic to see if maybe there is a small bookshelf that could take the place of the filing cabinet. If not I will go to my dad's house and get one-since I have 3 there. I will also be finding a way to organize my front counter and hopefully find a new home for my giant orange math crate that takes up half of that counter. Cleaning out my desk and making it useful again. Deciding whether or not I want to keep my big red table...

Now back to my relaxing and listening to the wind howl. Or maybe I will get up and get dressed for the day...
Enjoy your three day weekend!


Kristin said...

So cute! What a great role model you are for her -- I always freak out when my kids say what I say (turns out they really ARE listening so I have to be careful).
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Jill said...

When I read Martin's Big Words, the kids were furious about someone shooting him too! One kid said, "Who would want to kill Martin Luther King??? He was so nice!" And one of my boys said, "Because some people wanted things the old way when they had the bad laws." And I was like, "Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marvelous Multiagers!

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