Monday, January 23, 2012

a lovely day.

Today was a lovely day looking back on it.
I will say that my drive to school today was pretty scary...the road was frozen so I slid part of the way to school. SCARY.
But then we had our field trip this morning-now mind you this was supposed to be a walking field trip. So I went to school today prepared to walk (aka tennis shoes) in the cold (aka jeans and sweater) and rain (aka coat and I brought clothes to change into when we got back to school). Well due to the ice and the 31degree temperature WE GOT TO TAKE THE BUS! Hooray!!! (insert cheers from the staff when they announced that on the loud speaker this morning!)

Prior to knowing about this field trip I had scheduled my second formal observation of the year for this morning. And well I hate rescheduling and even more so I just wanted to get it over with. So I kept my time and so we returned to school at 10:00 (recess time! thank goodness). I had 15 10 8 minutes to get my room ready (I had made my copies before school-not on the copier though because it hasn't worked correctly since Thursday. I printed them on the hall printer. You gotta do what you gotta do.) I found my unifix cubes, drew my pictures on the board and made sure that my desk was still clean (it was!) so my principal could sit there.

The lesson started out alright. Principal had two different people show up and talk to her in the middle of my instruction though which distracted the kids a bit more than usual. But the kiddos got the point. We measured things using unifix cubes. Pretty funny in some cases. We are going to discuss it more tomorrow. I also have my post conference with principal tomorrow after school-lets hope she thinks that the lesson was ok. I'm not too worried just hate waiting.

This afternoon we celebrate the Chinese New Year by making paper lanterns, reading a story and watching youtube videos of the Dragon dances. The kids absolutely LOVED these videos! I swear we watched 10 of them while they were decorating their lanterns. There was dancing and lots of "Wow!" "That is so cool!" comments. 

Also did a little happy dance (yes in front of the kids, the substitute aid and the school nurse) when I got the all clear in my classroom for no lice! Just the word makes me cringe!

I love that I teach in a little district-I mean TINY. I got a birthday card from my superintendent today. 5 days early but it sure put a smile on my face this Monday morning!

I will say that I am EXHAUSTED today. I had too much fun this weekend doing non school stuff. Ever been to blue grass night at a small town tavern? If not and you are looking for some serious entertainment then here are my suggestions: find one, be the dd, and just watch the people and stay until the very end. This kinder teacher didn't get nearly as much sleep as planned this weekend but it was definitely worth it!

Hopefully I will get a chance to write again this week-maybe I will even remember to take some pictures-even better maybe I will get a chance to go to the beach that I can see from my window (since I haven't touched the sand since October. Awful I know!).

Hope everyone else had a lovely Monday too! Gung Hay Fat Choy!


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