Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear sweet little kinders,

Dear little ones,
Thank you oh so much for this cold. I truly appreciate coming to school feeling icky just because I dislike writing sub plans. Oh and a double thank you for coming to school sick and gluing yourselves to me because you feel crummy and just want some extra love. I hope you feel better soon but I really hope I feel better in the morning! At least be extra nice to me please because it depends on the minute whether or not I will be able to talk or not.
Love, Your very thankful teacher.

On to another note-I get to go back to college next week to talk to the seniors in the program I graduated from nest week! I'm super excited to get to talk to them and encourage them in their job search!

I have loved getting to know everyone better with this game of tag.I was much better at this version than I ever was with the playground version.


P.S. This nerdy kinder teacher thinks its pretty awesome that I did my 90th blog post on my 90th day of teaching! Maybe I will work it out so that my 100th post is on the 100th day :)


Living a Wonderful Life said...

Feel better! Don't you love when they get you sick?!

Living A Wonderful Life

Heather's Heart said...

I hope you feel better! I think we need to send a note home with parents saying that their child is contagious and needs to stay home!


Amber Polk said...

I am sick too. I hate doing sub plans but I knew I couldn't make it today! Hope you feel better!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

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