Saturday, January 21, 2012

My week. (it was a strange one)

Monday we had the day off. It was lovely. I of course didn't get any school work done.

Tuesday we had a 2 hour delay because of snow. It was nice because I got to school pretty much at my normal time so I got a TON of work done!

Wednesday  we had NO SCHOOL because it snowed in the town where I work...but no snow at my house. So it was a bit boring.

Thursday we had a regular day-except I only had 15 students again:) Fabulous number.

Friday we went to school on time. But it wasn't a regular day because at the end of it we had a district wide Pep assembly. (Note: nearly all of our pep assemblies are open to K-12 but this was the first time I was brave enough to take my kiddos.) Well lets just say I don't think we will do that again. I had one little one laying her head on my calling me mom (YIKES! "I'm not your mommy-your mommy is at your house waiting for you." that was my response each of the million times she said it.) And another one laying her head on my shoulder crying the whole time because she was tired (hey so was I! Does that mean I could have cried through the whole thing-IT WAS SO BORING! One of the activities was watching high school kids put puzzles together-can you say zzzzzzzz...)

Which brings me to the part of my day yesterday when I was seriously ready to declare naptime for everyone because they were all tired, grumpy and unfocused. This may or may not have included me...

So last night I went out with the girls when I got home was just the perfect way to end the LONG day. But not until after my mom and sister +3 of her friends came by my school and helped me clean my classroom! HOORAY for help on a Friday afternoon! I may or may not be doing a little happy dance when I walk into my classroom on Monday morning. ( I will be sure to let you know.) One of the friends looked at me-completely seriously- and said, "How do you teach Kindergarten and not lose your mind?" I laughed out loud. My response, "Well I can't say that I still have my whole mind. But pretty much I just laugh my way through the day. Truly."

 Today as my roommate was unpacking a bag of our new roommate she found cream of tartar-my first thought "PLAYDOUGH!" So yes I do believe that I will be making some playdough today. I think I need to make a list of things titled "You know you teach Kindergarten when..." and include "You see cream of tartar and your first thought is 'I can make playdough!'"

I will also be making Chicken Enchilada's today. (Yes I am a vegetarian-but my friends aren't. So I will pick around the chicken and everyone will be happy.)

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday! Sorry for the LONG rambling post-again.  Here are a few snow pictures.


YearntoLearn said...

Love your little snowman! Enjoy your enchiladas. Yum.

Yearn to Learn Blog

diditeach said...

ok, I am sorry but that little bit of snow consituted a snow day ????? We need a blizzard and serious heaps to get a day off :) Hope you have a great weekend.......

Allyce said...

There was no snow day in the district I live in. But an hour away where I teach they got about 10-11 inches so there was a snow day there. The district I live in was the only one in all of western WA that had school on Wednesday!

Elisabeth said...

I had a weird week too! I wish we could have a small amount of snow. We hardly ever have snow here :(

Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

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