Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ok. This is not school related.

So several people. Like Kristin  and Sarah I am a sucker for watching the Bachelor. And I decided to write what I thought while watching. Won't be as funny. mostly me complaining to myself so the roommates didn't have to listen to me. So if you don't want to hear it than close this tab now. If you want to see my thought reel please continue.Oh and sorry for grammar and typos-I didn't edit.

seriously did you just tell them to not waste their time talking about the weather?!

distracted by roommates-gummy bears were FLYING! and I couldn’t stop laughing.

let nature take its course?! honestly. Is he going to take these drama queens camping!?

you came on a show with 25 girls and one guy and you are still crying about it? I have absolutely no sympathy.

get over it! he will not only be dating you. oh goody you get to see him. you don’t get to hug him like she does. haha (sorry that was sort of mean.)

I would rather not ride in a helicopter-especially with Ben.

You came on a dating show-and you are so so nervous to spend time with this guy. If you were on a group date you would be complaining that you were not spending enough time with him.

seriously with the sparkly water scene…

peace and quiet and BUGS! oh my!

Pity party. Made me think of Willy Wonka with them on that couch foot to foot. haha Of course you don’t see the connection you think that he is automatically in love with you.

you are better at group dates. stop being so awkward! “We’ll have nice lines.” Don’t waste time talking about the weather! hehe. lagging conversation is an understatement. This is just plain awkward to watch.

(I hate commercials. Usually skip them…should have.)

you just sealed your fate-why waste time on a relationship you don’t see going somewhere.

ooh dig! someone who gets along with everyone else.

Are you going to eat all of that food. Or just let it look pretty. “This fire is hot.” really?! that is what you say.

Communication is your flaw…REALLY?! hadn’t noticed. GEEZ.

if you want to know more then ask some questions! You have still gotten nowhere! Except saying ask questions to each other without asking any actual questions.

Did you seriously give her a rose! That was the WORST date ever!

a slow burn-like watching water boil or paint dry? That is what watching that date felt like.

oh of course it’s your knight in shining armor. Not. more like a guy in jeans-that are all wet now because he went through the river.

his hair-really-it just needs to be cut. (sorry long hair on guys just isn’t my thing.)

who is going to catch one of the other girls or ben first? Have you really caught a man before? Not sure-you are a bit loony.

group date into 1 on 1. Seriously. You are CRAZY girl! Those other girls are not going to like you.

fishing for compliments. (pun completely intended!)

a conversation about mustard?! my word. this is just plain dull.

Ben why didn’t you take that black thing off your back side? it does not look cute.

4 times? and you don’t fall in love easily. interesting.

third group date-don’t talk about the weather-you were warned. and you are not complaining about the group thing. really-yes you are. now you talk about death.

did he truly just tell someone she was crazy?! HOORAY! finally!I am very proud of you Ben! And telling her that she doesn’t take it seriously. YES! I like you more now Ben.

Your heart feels for her but in your mind you are celebrating-don’t deny it!

I really don’t like Courtney.-roommate called her a gold digger-I think she called it.

Does anyone know if Ben gets to see the commentary as they are filming? Nevermind. Figured it out.

lets hope that this accountant doesn’t live up to the accountant stereotypes.

ooh. Kacie B got to go back to his room. if you really want them to get along then taking one to your hotel room wasn’t really the best idea…I mean really think about it!

Courtney- GET A BIGGER TOP! This is uncomfortable for me to watch. She is showing the true her. He is freaking out a bit I thinkJ Glad he is catching on that she is NOT nice!

you seriously gave her the rose?! She is a mean girl. And you say you want all of the girls to get along!

must get some sleep. Will watch the second half tomorrow. Just can’t handle anymore tonight.

should you answer it. seriously?!

hiking.up. will she be afraid of heights too? Oh and no trespassing! well this could get interesting.

I don’t care who he is I would NEVER climb into a small hole and be willing to “drop” EVER! No thank you! Not even to make good tv. That would scare the cr*p out of me! oh and most definitely not in a bikini.

I will add here that I like Jennifer. She is a good one. A little less drama with her… thank goodness.

oh my word. do they really sit around their room and gossip the whole time that they are not on dates. and AWKWARD when Courtney walks back into the room and gives her evil grin.

one question-how do you get out of this crater? that is something I would have asked before getting in.

why is he jumping into the relationship histories with everyone already? Seems like he is asking these questions earlier than others did…

of course it’s raining. gotta say that wasn’t what I was thinking when I was sprinting to my car in the Costco parking lot this weekend. I was thinking about the fact that I was freezing and wet!

she got the rose. awww. I like her. But I also really like her scarf.

Oh geez a concert really. At least it’s not a private concert. those are awkward. I do love that song though. I may or may not have sang it REALLY loud in the car on my way to school this morning.

Now it’s cocktail party time. Not sure I am ready for the drama that comes with these…

Courtney I am pretty sure you are the bomb that everyone else is waiting for… or is that just me.

holy put those boobs away! yikes.

all I can think right now is “that’s a tattle. I don’t need to hear it right now.”—anyone else have that reaction?

Casey S. You are looking at Courtney through a rose colored glass. (apparently so is Ben. Since he fell for it and actually gave her the rose.)

The weather. Yeah not so bad. Looks like that here now- but add 50+ mph winds… and flooding. yeah. not cool.

Ok. Courtney and Casey-this is BAD. You are trying way too hard. You are good at trying to play it off to the camera but you are not good actresses…

ok it is not snow coming down here. darn.

Courtney is just plain mean. Please go away. I don’t like you. (I know I told my students not to say that today but this is just plain bad.)

Rose ceremony! Finally!

Got roses-Courtney, Jennifer, Lindsey, Jamie, Nikki, Kacie B, Elyse, Blakeley, Casey S, Emily, and one more but I can’t remember who.

Goodbye Monica-maybe if you put away your chest he would have kept you but I think he was a little uncomfortable. 

There you have it. My thoughts. If you made it this far you deserve an award. I barely made it to the end. 


Ms. Chrissy B said...

So what I just learned is that instead of wasting forever actually watching The Bachelor (can't stomach it) I should just read your commentary instead! Thanks for the update! haha

Buzzing with Ms. B

Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said... guys are so funny with your bachelor addiction! I love it :)
The Teachers’ Cauldron

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