Monday, January 9, 2012

Here we go. Step 1 to a clutter free classroom.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem...well I have a problem with keeping my classroom organized! So I have decided to join the Clutter Free Classroom challenge. I am going nuts in my room! I love to have organization but I have to say with 24 5 year olds all over the place it makes it hard to get it organized and keep it that way. So here are my slightly completely embarrassing pictures of my messes. (I will say this just happened to be a somewhat clean day-minus my desk.) I have actually been seriously considering dumping the teacher desk...just not sure where I would put the things that I keep in it..

Looking from my desk to the front of the room.

From my desk looking a little bit left

To the opposite wall from where my desk is...
More of same etc.
The beginning of my disaster of a teacher area...embarrassing!
Teacher stuff. ugh. snack storage, my books not available for student destruction.
When people walk int he door and look left this is what they see...
The under part of the easel. ugh. An you can see my messy counter too. 

Hope you had a great Monday. My kids were good today except for the end of the day...that was a whole different group of kids that came back from recess I swear.

Tomorrow we begin the reading program...wish me luck. Oh and last night I never did do any planning. But today went well. We worked and read "The Heart of a Snowman" which was ADORABLE! then we made some pretty darn cute snowmen. Will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow.

Off to bed!
Goodnight computer, goodnight chair, goodnight bloggy friends, goodnight world.


Clutter-Free Classroom said...

Thanks for linking up. I love the colors in your classroom. ❤Jodi from...
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Christine said...

I'm on the same page as you!!! My teaching area is the same way. I just found your blog and am a new follower! Good luck!



bnwalton said...

Your classrom looks awesome! It looks like yours is similar to mine: the clutter is mainly in the teacher area.

Our afternoons are always rough! Hope today went well...can't wait to watch your progress in your room :)

Living A Wonderful Life

Amber Polk said...

I got rid of my desk last year. It was always just a big dumping ground! ha!

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Ms.M said...

It seems like our teaching materials are always a problem. I have no doubt you will find a place for everything.

Ms. M
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