Tuesday, January 10, 2012

today is a big day in my book!

Ok so this post will be short...I think.

Lots happened today!
First-reading got cancelled for the day so I had to make spur of the moment lesson plans to fill that time. ugh. Yay for always keeping an extra book in my bag for a read aloud and it just so happened to be a book about talking crayons that have a hard time getting along. So it fit with diversity a bit too. DOUBLE BONUS!

then-my sister came to see me at school! I love it when people come and visit and so do my kiddos! One little girl was talking to my sister. This was the conversation.
Girl- "Is Miss Bruncke your mom?" (seriously?!?! I am 3 years older than my sister-do I really look that old?! GAH)
sister- "No silly she's my sister."
Girl- "Oh. When's Miss Bruncke getting married?" (really as if I don't get this enough from other people-my sister included!)
sister- "I don't know ask her. But soon I hope" (she needs to just hold her horses here.)
Hope that gave you all a good laugh.

And then! I got my new car!!!! I got a Jeep Patriot! and I LOVE it! It's big but not overly so and it's so comfortable to drive! I am excited for the hour drive for school tomorrow!

AND I NOW HAVE 40 FOLLOWERS!!!! I am so excited!

Now I NEED to get some sleep. This has already been a REALLY long week. Anyone else out there with me on this? So SO SO  glad there is a 3 day weekend at the end of it!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Wednesday!


bnwalton said...

"Is she your mom?" LOL...that cracks me up! Last year, my class did not have any white kids and then I got one. My kids asked "Is that your son?" Really?! They also asked me if some man was my husband, but I can't remember who the guy was...i yi yi. They are too funny!

Congrats on your new car! I totally think you should post a picture! I can't wait to get a bigger car sometime in the (not so near) future. Hope you have a good Wednesday!

Living A Wonderful Life

Barbara said...

OK, that cracked me up this morning . . . is she your mom? I just LOVE kindies! Congrats on your new car! That must be fun. EnJOY your drive to school.


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