Sunday, January 8, 2012

I found a car and I liked it! (sorry not school related...)

So I was successful in my car search today! Very exciting stuff here because it usually takes me FOREVER to make a decision (I mean I can't decide what to have for dinner let alone what kind of car to buy). Well I went in thinking that I wanted a Ford Escape-and I liked that one. Then we looked at another dealership (actually as a joke for my friend to look at his car that he really wants to buy) and he pointed out the Jeep Patriot. I drove it-I loved it except the seat was too low (hey I'm short) so that sort of broke that deal. But I found another one at another place with the seats that can be raised and lowered! HOORAY! Called the first dealership back (it was a friend) and said if he could find me the Jeep Patriot in my price range I would buy from him. He found it we went back I am now just waiting for it to get to town this week! I absolutely can't wait!

On the car note it made me feel more confident today after I had the nightmare about my old car last night. Lets just say that all of the gauges started going nuts and lights were blinking and it was 6:30 in the morning on my way to school (this road has very few cars and is very dark). It was a BAD BAD dream!

Now it is 9:07 on a sunday night and I have absolutely NO idea what I will be doing with my kids tomorrow... I have no specials... Haven't even been told if we are starting our new reading program tomorrow or not...maybe I will check my email to see if there is anything there...otherwise I think we will be practicing some new sight words. Oh and we have to write in our family letter books. I need to think of some activities for MLK day.

I had a good Saturday too! This has been one busy weekend here! Had a teacher friend from where I work come to town for the day so we did the tourist thing (I hadn't done that in a LONG time) but I still have yet to put my toes in the sand or ocean. That will once again be my goal this week!
I live right near the border of WA and OR (I can be in Oregon in about 15-20 minutes) so there are lots of historical things to see. Lots of Lewis and Clark History.

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend! I know I have read far too many blogs.
What are you doing in your class to explain Martin Luther King day to your kids?



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