Wednesday, January 4, 2012

seems like winter break was ages ago...

Well I have had a BUSY week so far. We went back on Monday-we were the ONLY district in the area that did. But hey I got a jump start on the rest of the world and overall we had a pretty good day in room 7. The kids were listening-we got some work done-they remembered the rules. We read a new book that I got while on break. It's called The ABC's of Thank You and Please. I HIGHLY recommend it! The kids loved it and they said some of the cutest things! It even talks about what to do when there is a new student. My favorite was the little guy who said, "Even when something doesn't go right it can still work out." Made me smile and feel good inside to hear him truly understand what we were talking about! (Oh and one of my little ones-who tends to be a handful-brought me a new necklace. On one side it has an old time picture of a teacher with the word "teacher" on the back it says, "You can't scare me I teach school" She handed it to me and said, "We thought you would like this. It's sort of funny.")

Yesterday I had big plans to make my new January calendar numbers during the kids PE time (planning time). Well I made the mistake of going down to the office (after I had gotten distracted and made new name tags for their desks). At this point the secretary comes into the work room and informs me that I have a new student being enrolled "right now, do you want to meet him?" Of course I wanted to meet him! Turns out he moved to the town of my school from the town that I live in! I actually knew who his mom was. He seemed to be a very quiet little guy but he also seemed very excited to be coming. Not nearly as excited as the class was when I told them! And they said "Hey we know what to do when there is a new kid! We have to be nice and help them out so they know what to do! Just like the book said!" (I am not even making this up. My kids actually said this! I was so so so excited!)

Today we started the day with inside recess (which continued ALL day! Can you say restless!). This actually worked out ok though as it made it easier for me to stop slow the kids from swarming the new little guy. He fit in just fine. And he lived up to the warning I got from a friend about him being a handful. (pretty sure he was just testing to see what I would do-took care of that) We did some other stuff. Then we had math stations. At which point I was going around observing what kids were doing (ok I may have been cleaning at the same time-multitasking is the only way to survive in Kinderland) I overheard a conversation at the frog sorting area. Two girls had made frog families (hey they sorted them so the families were all the same kind of frog!). They were making them talk. Here is a few snippets of the conversation.
A: eeeeeee!!!
B:I LOVE Justin Bieber!
A: He is so cute! He is a pop star!
And I am currently forgetting the rest-even after I repeated it about 100 times in my head on my drive home today.

Other funny for the day. New little guy raises his hand during story time. I finish the story and ask him what his question was. He says, "It's not a question it's a wish." I say, "You have to keep wishes secret so that they will come true." Him, "I'm going to tell this one to everyone." Me: "ok..." Him, "We wish you a Merry CHristmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year." Oh how I love the Kindergarten mind.

Oh and yesterday one little girl whispers in my ear "Why don't you ever teach us about Jesus?" I have to say this question left me a little bit speechless. My response, "There is a law that says I'm not supposed to. Why don't you ask your mom about it." She says, "Well I went to Sunday school but only two times but I was in a play....etc. (she acted out her whole part)"

So how has your week been? Any especially interesting stories? Anyone else feeling like it has been AGES since winter break?

On the super exciting side I'm going car shopping this weekend! Suggestions? (I drive about 100 miles a day, need room in the back-not the seat-for a 75 pound dog. And I would like to have four wheel drive, and sit a little higher up.)

Happy hump day (Wednesday)!



diditeach said...

I have never been the first to post ! Loved reading about your first week back. I am still off until Monday :) I live in Ontario, Canada and have always wanted to visit Washington, drove through briefly many years ago to visit my brother in B.C. but did not stop. Your stories about your kids and the sweet things they say made me miss my little guys. I teach Grade 2 and really enjoy my class, they are full of personality and although I have loved my time off, I do miss them and look forward to seeing them next week. I found a cute book "Squirrel's New Year's Resolution" to start off our new year. Good luck with the car search, I have always driven a Toyota, love them. That is how I met my husband, he was the Service Manager....

bnwalton said...

I agree and totally feel like it was SO long ago. But hey, we're already at Friday! Love the things your kids are cute! I am jealous of your car shopping...I'm looking forward to getting a similar type of car when my hubby finishes paying off his. Can't wait to see what you get!

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Jessica said...

I think I need to check that book out! It would be a good reminder for my firsties. I don't know about you about I don't understand this Justin Bieber thing. I hear how much my students love him all day long.

I drive a lot to and haul a lot ( not a dog). I drive a Jeep Patriot- good on gas and four wheel drive.

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